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wow. [17 Jul 2010|01:41pm]
[ mood | tired all the time ]

this has been a long time.   I think almost 7 years. I'm surprised I remembered the password, and username.  well.  lots of different things have happened to me in my life. . .   wife, kid, not playing music, not creating anything besides dinner. . .   it's time to change all of that. . . my family and I need out of here (and i think it's going to be ithaca?), and we have about 6 more months to get our shit together.  

we are going to look at scooters on tuesday (nice), so that we can start saving serious cash on gasoline. the stella 150 4 cycle scooter gets 140 miles per gallon. . .  eat that prius.  

I don't think we are going to the vegan pot luck at our community park on Sunday. Roberta and Julian are going to Marysville to be with her family. . . My mother-in-law is not breathing at all when she sleeps. . . and she is not taking in enough oxygen even when she is awake.  I don't want to be here alone, but I understand that she needs to be up there.
Just venting. . . feels pretty okay.  maybe I will keep up with this now.
who knows. 

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bored to death [14 Oct 2003|03:42pm]
I have this week off of work, and I have been designing the cd cover for the new ep that we're planning on having out in the spring - that's what i call being prepared-.
It has a lot of dead people on it, and a lot of blood splatters and bloody fingerprints (I doubt the rest of the guys are going to like it at all), but I think it is bad-ass.

I decided to take a few pictures of myself with our CRAPPY digital camera (one of my roommates bought it for $20)




1&2 - i was going to use these for the cover of the cd, so i tried to look dead (but that didn't really work)
3 - i wanted a picture of my new haircut, so i took one.

I got one of my birthday presents in the mail today (FINALLY)
TWIN PEAKS PILOT EPISODE - so i will have a better grasp on the characters and whatnot: i have become a huge nerd about that show. . . i already own 2 books based on the show. . . WHAT A DORK.
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it's about time. [03 Oct 2003|02:03am]
[ mood | (it's 60 degrees in my house) ]

Well. . . after being on the internet in my living room for hours today, I have decided to write the first entry in my livejournal. I have been working on a new design for the death through adam website and I wanted to take a break.
after looking at david's, alex's, heidi's, savana's, and whitney's journals - i decided it's about time that i put the journal that i started over a year ago to use.

today i went to work (where i sat and worked on the website) - came home watched 3 episodes of Twin Peaks, ate some left-over food of one of my roommates, and sat at the computer for the remainder of the day listening to the David Cross stand up comedy cd.

we haven't turned the heat on in my house yet so it's been retardedly cold (but our energy bill will be cheap!).

I'm getting a death through adam tattoo in about 14 hours: that's pretty weird to me, since I haven't gotten a tattoo in almost 4 years, and the tattoos that I do have aren't that great - I'm hoping that I don't get crazy and start getting a lot of tattos after this.

well, i'm running out of things to say. . . maybe I'll have more to say tomorrow (or whenever)

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